• "In a business like mine, a competitive edge over my competitors can make all the difference... CORGI VAT Saver has provided me with this edge. Thanks."
    Gas Safe registered engineer: Hampshire
  • "I think its brilliant and can't believe all installers are not using it."
    Heating Installer, West Midlands
  • "It's just so easy! My engineers give me their job sheets at the end of the day, I put the details in and CORGI VAT Saver does the rest. Simple!"
    Office Administrator: Surrey
  • "It's so easy to use I wish I had started to use it a long time ago"
    Heating Engineer Mersyside.
  • "Using Corgi Vatsaver and being able to reduce the cost to my customers has defiantly increased my workload"
    Heating Engineer Hampshire.
  • "By letting customers know that I am reducing the VAT they pay has definately had a positive response"
    Heating Engineer Cornwall.
  • " The amount of savings I have made have enabled me to reinvest in to the company and help us grow"
    Heating Engineer Cumbria.
  • "Corgi VAT Saver is so quick and easy to use, especially for the savings it generates"
    CORGI VAT Saver user in Edinburgh.
  • "The Corgi VAT Saver should be product of the year, it's fantastic!!"
    CORGI VAT Saver user in Wakefield.
  • "My customers think it's great that I take advantage of the energy effiecient VAT rules, i'm confused why any respectable company wouldn't."
    CORGI VAT Saver user in Coventry.
  • "The people on the CVS telephone helpline are fantastic , always there when you need help"
    CORGI VAT Saver user in Wolverhampton.

How do I sign up?

To start saving money with the CORGI VAT Saver, why not REGISTER FREE NOW or call our helpline 0800 612 8490. You can find out more about the CORGI VAT Saver by reading our FAQs.

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